Roar Materials spawned from a relationship between a barber and his client after a long journey together campaigning for mental health and suicide prevention, starting with a single life-saving conversation.

Paul, an entrepreneur with a passion for screen printing and clothing brands, with years of experience and Tom, founder of mental health charity The Lions Barber Collective and globally recognised barber have dreamed and discussed the possibility of creating a brand that lets people know that you support, have suffered or lost someone to mental health without plastering labels across people’s chests.

This brand is 100% NON PROFIT – Every single penny of profit will be donated to The Lions Barber Collective and aid in keeping the charity sustainable while giving value for what is essentially a donation when you purchase every item. Roar Materials is by people, for people to save people.

The ‘LION’ and Roar Materials is a symbol that you care, a symbol for change and unity. A symbol that can be worn with pride, like a pride of lions we are stronger together.

‘The hope is this brand will be worn with pride, like your favourite band or sports team shirt and you can instantly relate to or connect with others you may not know. Building the pride and letting you know you are not alone, we all have mental health, we all have a mind. Wear your mind on your sleeve.’ – Tom Chapman

The Lions Barber Collective has a vision of a world free from suicide! We aim to do this by creating non clinical, non judgemental safe spaces where men feel comfortable to talk about their mental health and be able to signpost them to support and information. We do this through awareness like pop up barber shops in public spaces, such as universities, work places, train stations and sporting events. Offering a free haircut and then starting great conversations around mental health. We also educate, through training hair professionals in BarberTalk to enable them to be able to RECOGNISE, ASK, LISTEN and Help our clients and colleagues. And save lives.

The cost of a death by suicide is priceless to those left behind. The cost of a death by suicide to the economy is £1.7 million. For that amount of money we could train over 13000 hair pros potentially reaching over 2million people a week, providing a safe space and opportunities for all of them to talk.

We carry out all garment decoration in house using high quality, sustainably produced clothing and where possible the most environmentally friendly inks and threads. The majority of the clothing we offer is manufactured from organic cotton or recycled polyester and is sourced from reputable suppliers.

If you have any questions for us we would love to hear from you, please click here to contact us.